"Bringing the Royal Treatment to your event" ​​


There are many details that go into planning an event so here are a few tips to use as your checklist for your next event:

For example: 
  • Will you have enough food for the number of guests arriving – and extra in case a few who didn’t RSVP show up after all?  (very important)
  • Do you have tent cards labeling all of the food, so people with allergies or dislikes will know what they should (or shouldn’t) eat? 

  • Think about what would make your guests most comfortable.  
  • If your event is taking place during winter season, can you offer a coat check service?
  • Guests  who may have disability, does the building provide easy access.
  • Is the parking area easy for your guests to navigate? Valet service is great, by adding this expense into your budget will certainly make an event memorable. 
Trends Tips:
  • Design trends and fads will start taking shape to give us a better understanding of what will really mean for events.  Here is a few things we wanted to share.
  • Warehouses, museums, auditoriums, you name it. Possibly one of the best trends for  unique venues.

Bite-sized Menus
Cakes and entrees are in no way obsolete but passed hors d’oeuvres and small plates are still big at catered events. We are helping our corporate clients to try and save money by opting for appetizers instead of full meals and choosing mini dessert options to please more palates. Keeping menu items small and passed also relaxes the atmosphere and keeps attendees moving and talking throughout the event space.   

Marquee Lights
  • What a great way to bring lighting into an event!  Whether it’s initials, symbols or full words, marquees have a memorable impact on attendees and also add charm.
  • While there are dozens of trends that have survived the New Year, these ideas will continue to be used and enhanced in the years to come.
Our idea:  Be the virtual Creative Event Coordinator helping clients recognize outstanding performance, all at a reasonable cost using only the best suppliers.